To upload files using our secure FTP interface.


Click on the link below.


User name is: bps

No password is needed


Hit the “login” button and you’re ready to upload files


If possible, it’s a good idea to “zip” or “stuff” your files into a compressed folder to protect them during upload.









Upload Checklist:


1) Collect all of the files used in composing your project, include all fonts.

2) Store on your hard drive in one central location.

3) If possible, compress the files using Zip or Stuffit programs.

4) Upload the files using the link above.




Please fill out the fields on the upload form. Items marked with
an asterisk are required. Please disable any pop-up blockers
while on the FTP site. Do not close any windows while your
upload is commencing.


If you need help, contact us at: 1.888.968.4067


click here to upload